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Is Your Professional Service Business Ahead Of The Marketing Game In 2019?

It's easy to think that your business has a person responsible for marketing so it must all be covered. Maybe that person is you? The thing that most businesses miss is that marketing with a trackable ROI takes time and skilled resource. Growth doesn't happen because of a few blog posts, it happens because you are supporting potential customers and to do that the marketing department need the correct level of support.

Some Basics

The first thing to do is check the the basics are covered or to put it differently, are you light on resource and technology? A few quick things to check:

  • Can you get an accurate report, quickly, to show ROI on social media efforts and all other marketing channels? (Separately for each channel)
  • Do you have user persona's documented?
  • Do you send personalised and timely emails or do you just send bulk monthly newsletters? (You shouldn't be doing the latter...)
  • Do you have your goals agreed and documented?
  • Are you recording your efforts and pulling them back to campaigns, so you can report on them and change as required?
  • Are you testing your efforts?
  • Do you have everything in one CRM so you can properly track all efforts?

This just gives you a quick sense check to see what level you are at. You might be perfect at all these or you might need to improve some areas but it is good to sense check every now and again.

Plan For The Year Ahead

To get ahead you first need to be fully up to speed. Why not build your own checklist or ask your head of marketing to do it, things you want to achieve for the end of 2019 and make a plan on how you will do that. You will need resource and investment from the business but don't worry about that just now.

If you are the head of marketing then plan it and forecast the impact. When you take that to your boss they will be blown away by your efforts. Just remember, to get the board or owner to agree they want to understand what they will get back financially. So look at how much more traffic you think you will generate, how much will you increase conversion, what does that equate to in leads and sales. Then multiply the projected sales by the average true value of a customer (yearly turnover X years they typically spend with the business) and this is your magic number. Be realistic, don't set yourself up for a fall.

Get Ahead Of Competitors & Win More Business

I am going to give you two things that will get you ahead in 2019 and stop you from being behind the curve;

  1. Video - add it to your marketing and see the impact. WOW. Get personal, don't hide your face :-)
  2. Chatbots - use bots in your chat messenger. Give people quick answers, direct them to the right place and track them so you can continue to assist them

Do some research, the Hubspot website has a ton of stuff on this, check out the blog and the help section (there is stuff in the help section that can also help none hubspot people get their head around concepts):

I will do more posts on the above topics over coming months, so keep posted.

I would love to hear what you are up to in 2019 to push you ahead, send me a message.

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