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Why Focusing on a Niche is Vital for Inbound in 2019

Recently Dan Tyre told me, on a conference call, that "it's 2019 and everyone wants a specialist". He followed this with why it's important and what it achieves. Following that call I decided I wanted to share my thoughts. This is not a "how to" article, this is a wake up and smell 2019 post. I hope you enjoy!

What Does This Mean?

In 2016 you could be a company that specialised in say "App Development" and that was fine. But today, in 2019, that's not enough. Think about it...

There are more companies offering the same services, everywhere you look there is another "App development company" for example. Competition is higher than ever so you have to differentiate yourself.

How Is This Done?

You need to go back to the roots of your offering, find out what makes your business tick and what has made you successful. With this data you can then start to find your niche and focus your businesses positioning statement.

Ask yourself:

What's your best client?

What's their turn over?

What is their location?

What's their industry?

How many employees do they have?

What services do they use from you?

What does that service offering look like?

Who in the company approached you?

Build a profile of that person, as this is key to who you target.

This should give you a starting point.

Still need convincing?

Picture the scene...

A Scottish company based in Edinburgh, that manufacture industrial kit to offshore companies, goes to market for accountancy services. They find 3 companies that look AMAZING.

Company one "we offer a range of services and specialise in accounts and tax planning"

Company two "we are an accountancy company based in Edinburgh"

Company three "We are a specialist accountancy company based in Edinburgh, specialising in manufacturing companies"

Who would you employ to take on the accounts?

Parting words

I hope this has made you think, if it has then get to adjusting your business positioning statement and re-align your efforts. If in doubt give us a shout as we are always open, ready to help you.

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